NY Defense Attorney

NY Injury and Defense Attorney Services

If you live in NY and wish to enforce or defend your legal rights through litigation, you will require the services of a skilled injury or defense attorney to represent your interests. Litigation may be settled by agreement between the parties or may be heard and decided by a jury or judge in court.

In legal proceedings, the defendant is the party against whom charges are being brought and the plaintiff is the person who brings accusations against the defendant. These kinds of disputes require diligent and skilled counsel to handle all of the related activities and tasks involved in such lawsuits.

Gerard Law Firm in NY can provide an appropriate injury or defense attorney to handle every stage of the litigation process. Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff, we welcome the opportunity to represent you in any of the 5 boroughs of New York City, as well as in Long Island and Westchester.


Injury Attorney

Have you or a family member been in a car accident, or physically hurt in some way due to someone else’s negligence? Perhaps you’ve suffered as a result of sexual harassment or discriminatory practices in the workplace? If you’ve been wronged or injured in any way and feel you are entitled to monetary damages, you deserve a knowledgeable injury attorney – who can argue your case towards the best possible outcome.

Defense Attorney

Have you been arrested or accused of misconduct, negligence or criminal activity? Have you received a formal complaint or served with a lawsuit related to business practices, auto, homeowner, breach of contract, or property disputes? If you’ve been legally accused in any way, you deserve a qualified and experienced attorney to fight on your behalf.


Let Gerard Law Firm Represent Your Interests


Gerard Law will draft and state your basic position as a party in the lawsuit. Our determination of the best way to move forward with how to plea, file the lawsuit, or file a countersuit is based on our initial, experienced assessment of the facts of the case.


During the discovery process, Gerard Law will locate/contact witnesses and take statements, interview the client, gather relevant documents, interview the client and investigate the facts leading to the dispute. No stone will be left unturned.


Prior to trial, Gerard Law will participate in jury selection (if applicable), take depositions from any relevant parties, and ensure all witnesses and clients are fully prepared for testimony. We will craft a trial theme and develop persuasive arguments to present to the Judge and/or jury.


For the trial, Gerard Law Firm uses all available resources and collaborates with experts to support our client’s claims. We react quickly and efficiently as the case unfolds, responding to challenges and identifying opportunities that can strengthen the client’s position.


Most lawsuits never reach the trial phase, but instead, are settled “out of court” to minimize risks and expenses associated with going to court. Gerard Law is prepared to settle a case at any time during the lawsuit’s life cycle if it is in the best interest of our client. If presented with a settlement opportunity that the client wishes to pursue, we will engage in negotiations with the opposing party or participate in mediation and settlement conferences with the Judge as requested.


Should a case not go in your favor and your appeal can be legally supported, Gerard Law is fully prepared to handle your appeal. Whether you were initially represented by us or another law firm, we will conduct a thorough review of all evidence originally presented to confirm it was properly admitted, as well as of all transcripts to ensure consistency throughout the trial process. If required, the discovery process will be re-initiated to gather new evidence, statements, or witnesses that could have a direct bearing on your case. If your case is allowed to return to court, Gerard Law will provide you with the most effective appeal strategy possible.