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Real Estate Contracts & Closings

NY Real Estate Closing and Contract Attorney

Have you had your home on the market and received an offer that you’re willing to accept? Have you been searching for the perfect home to purchase and finally found it? If so, it’s time to enlist the services of a NY closing and contract attorney to help you navigate the complexities of your real estate transaction.

At Gerard Law Firm, we have the right experience with NY real estate contracts and closings to ensure that your closing transaction is as seamless as possible. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


Couple closing a NY real estate contract

Don’t Let Your Closing Stress You Out

Real estate contracts and closings can be extremely stressful for both sellers and buyers. The best way to offset these stresses is to be 100% prepared and educated about what to expect.

Gerard Law Firm is with you every step of the way, explaining the process and guiding you toward a successful closing. Let us relieve your burden, protect your investment, and maintain your peace-of-mind.


Real Estate Contracts

In real estate transactions, the contract – or purchase agreement – plays a critical role in protecting the rights of both buyers and sellers. It includes basic information such as the property address, agreed-upon purchase price and projected closing date. Additional details include home inspection requirements and the sellers’ obligations to complete specific repairs.

Purchase agreements in NY can be especially complex and require the attention of a skilled attorney who can represent your interests fairly. The real estate lawyers at Gerard Law Firm are experienced in drafting, negotiating and enforcing real estate contracts, and protecting the rights of our clients. Through careful contract negotiation, we ensure that you are prepared for and covered for any contingency, including concurrent closings where your current home must be sold before you close on a new purchase.

Closing Preparation

Once the contract has been negotiated, finalized and signed by both parties, preparation for the closing begins in earnest. Gerard Law Firm will obtain and review the title records and identify unpaid mortgages, liens or easements that must be addressed before the transaction is finalized. If there is a dispute regarding legal ownership of property or the seller’s ability to transfer the deed, we work with insurance firms or lenders to resolve and protect the property from division.

When all the necessary paperwork is in order, we prepare the final closing document and explain the closing process in detail to the client – what to expect, what the obligations are for all involved parties, and what must be brought on the closing date.

At the Closing

The real estate closing represents the culmination of all of the legal legwork completed during the closing preparation. The closing is where the final transaction takes place. Legal documents related to contracts of sale, title search, transfer of deed and related costs are presented and explained in detail. Multiple signatures are required. If all goes to plan, the buyer leaves the closing as the official owner of his or her new property, and the seller leaves with confirmation of payment for the transaction.

Gerard Law Firm is there by your side at the closing and at every step along the way. We make sure all of your document and closing needs are satisfied to help ensure a smooth, stress-free closing with no surprises or setbacks.