Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Put Our Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant Law to Work For You

The rental landscape in NY is expensive and legally complex, which can easily lead to landlord-tenant disputes. Disagreements often arise over lease terms, landlord vs. tenant responsibilities, rights and regulations. When these disputes cannot be resolved through amicable discussion and interaction, you need the services of a landlord-tenant lawyer who’s knowledgable about NY law.

Whether you’re a landlord with an uncooperative or delinquent tenant, or a renter with a neglectful landlord, Gerard Law Firm can intervene to assist with finding solutions quickly and cordially. We are experienced in all aspects of NY housing laws and knowledgeable regarding both landlord and tenant rights.


NY Landlord-Tenant Dispute Lawyer

NY Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

In NY, there are specific legal requirements related to lease terms, handling of deposits, evictions, apartment-sharing, and tenant screening.

Landlords have a responsibility to maintain certain habitability conditions and are required to provide “notices of entry” in many cases before entering an apartment.

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Evictions can be tedious and exhausting for both landlords and tenants. Whichever side of an eviction you may be on, a landlord-tenant lawyer from Gerard Law Firm can help you navigate the highly complex and contentious legalities of eviction laws and rights in NY.

  • Landlords: When representing the landlord or property manager, Gerard Law Firm will aim to prove that the tenant has violated the lease terms through either non-payment of rent or non-adherence to specific lease requirements, such as unauthorized residents living in the apartment, non-permitted pets or appliances, or illegal sublet activity. Our experienced team will stand by you every step of the way, from drafting a formal notice of eviction to arguing your case in court.
  • Tenants: When representing a tenant or renter, Gerard Law Firm may work towards establishing a case of housing discrimination, or towards proving that the landlord does not have legal grounds to evict. We are by your side for court appearances, and help ensure you retain your residence while the case is being litigated. If you are interested in having a buyout of your apartment, or if your landlord has made a buyout offer, we can evaluate and negotiate that as well to try to get you the best price possible.

Lease Disputes

A lease is a formal agreement between a landlord and a tenant – and is an important legal document.  It should reflect all expected responsibilities of both parties (including payment dates and renewal dates, occupants, and upkeep). Overly simple, poorly drafted or ambiguously written leases are breeding grounds for lease disputes that can lead to evictions and other future legal proceedings.

The best defense against lease disputes are solid lease agreements that clearly outline the responsibilities and legal rights of both tenants and landlords. Gerard Law Firm can help with drafting lease agreements for landlords, and with reviewing lease agreements for renters to ensure rights are protected.

Public Housing

If you are a resident of public housing and facing potential eviction from an NYCHA apartment for a reason other than non-payment of rent, Gerard Law Firm can help defend your case with the NYCHA Board and/or in landlord-tenant court.

If you live in public housing and want to add another family member to your lease or transfer the lease to another family member, Gerard Law Firm can assist with the required paperwork and documentation. We can also represent your interests at a grievance hearing if your application is rejected.

Rent Stabilization/Rent Control

NYC is home to a large number of rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartments, which are legally protected from drastic rent increases in return for tax benefits for building owners. If you are a landlord who wishes to deregulate your rent stabilized unit or units, Gerard Law Firm can help you explore your options and eligibility. If you are a tenant in a rent-stabilized apartment and believe your landlord is raising your rent above and beyond the stabilized threshold or unfairly de-regulating the apartment you live in, Gerard Law Firm can help defend your rights and your living situation. If you are interested in having a buyout of your apartment, or if your landlord has made a buyout offer, we can evaluate and negotiate to try to get you the best price possible.