Landlord-TenantNew York laws governing the actions of landlords and tenants are a complex and interweaving area of law that tend to confuse landlords and tenants alike. The Law Office of David J. Gerard, PLLC represents both landlords and tenants when they believe their legal rights have been violated.

For landlords, my law office works to maximize the benefits available to you under New York law. I represent commercial landlords, co-op corporations and condo associations on matters pertaining to:

  • Compelling Rent Payment
  • Recovering Units From Tenants Who Fail to Comply With a Rental Agreement
  • Stopping Harmful Tenant Behavior
  • Raising Rent Via Building Improvements

For tenants, I will make sure your legal rights are protected so that landlords do not overstep their legal authority. Service areas of interest to tenants include:

  • Proving Rent Overcharges
  • Preserving Tenancies
  • Fighting Illegal Subletting Accusations
  • Defending Tenants on Nonpayment Proceedings