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Trusts and Estates Attorney in NY

Few choices are more important than those made during estate planning. When making these decisions, it’s important to work with a sensitive and skilled trusts and estates attorney who will ensure your estate wishes are carried out to the letter. During difficult times, difficult conversations, and difficult decisions, Gerard Law firm can help with the answers.

Carefully planning an estate can mean the difference between leaving your family with the funds they need or risking conflicts and animosity that can tear a family apart. Additionally, careful estate planning helps New York families avoid lengthy and arduous probate processes, which occur when a cherished family member passes away without a will.


Trust and Estates Attorney

The Importance of Trust & Estate Planning

Failing to plan ahead can leave your family and loved ones scrambling and confused when sickness or death occurs. The complexities of NY law can result in months or even years before your final wishes are executed – and often not in the way you had envisioned. A lawyers skilled in the nuances of Trusts and Estates will protect inheritances from unnecessary taxes and help transfer assets more efficiently and effectively.


How Gerard Law Firm Can Help With Trust & Estate Planning


If you wish to protect your savings and assets from probate, avoid unnecessary capital gains taxes, or ensure your family is provided for – you require a will and/or trust that is clearly written, legally binding, and not open to interpretation in any way.

Gerard Law Firm understands the sensitivities around wills and trusts and works with all family members or parties involved to ensure fair and proper distribution of assets. We can ensure that your legacy lives on through inheritances by family members or loved ones, or through contributions to charitable organizations, depending on your wishes.

Health Care Proxy

A health care proxy is the assignment of someone you trust to make health-related decisions on your behalf, in the event that you become medically incapacitated. While no one likes to believe they will ever require this kind of arrangement, it is important to be prepared.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal document that designates specific legal authority to another person. The power of attorney is created to assist an individual in the event he or she becomes unable to make major life decisions due to illness or a medical condition.

Estate Law

Unforeseen medical expenses and the rising costs of nursing home care can quickly deplete savings. Gerard Law firm can help ensure that you or a loved one’s continuing healthcare needs are met while preserving assets for the next generation.